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Friday, 26 July 2013


Who am I ? What am I becoming?
My personality is changing!
I feel scared of the new inner me,
Why is God blessing me so much?
What did I ever do to deserve His love?
I try to search for answers within, I become confused,
Am I too precious in His eyes?
I feel He has touched my soul, saved me from Hellfire,
My head bows down to only Him, He will always be cherished in my soul, He will remain truly Alive!

Friday, 19 July 2013


The human spirit is a vast ocean,
Covering millions of miles,
Some are struggling, in pain and suffering,
Trying to find an inner meaning in their troubled life.
Even, if we let one wave in,
The windows to our soul will open,
Gradually the flood will arrive, the demons of the past broken,
It takes patience, never lose the faith inside.
You will finally arrive at your destination,
Free from the world's opinion, what an incredible sensation!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


An illusion, a fantasy, a delusion or reality,
Who are you is beyond my capability,
All I know is that you exist in my heart,
I crave your touch, it is a journey I want to embark,
Beyond love, no boundaries  between you and I,
God lead me to you, I do not know why,
A part of me is scared that you will be gone too soon,
That I will be left empty, looking at the night sky without the moon,
It is already too late, I cannot stop loving you,
You have become my destiny, my twisted fate.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Love is our basic human need.We need to be loved since the day we are born and the day we finally close our eyes.During our younger years, we end up with a lot of broken relationships and shattered dreams.Even, in marriage , love is not guaranteed.The key to lasting love is based on the following facts:
1-Accept your partner- faults and all-He is not you.If you spend your energy trying to change him, then you will lose the battle. No person changes because we want them to, they only change if they really want to do it with their heart.
2-Respect your partner and receive respect in return.
3-Be caring, when he is stressed out, take out time to just listen, without judgement, sometimes there is no need for advice- we all need someone to accept our feelings .
4-Trust each other.Never lie to your partner, if the trust gets broken, it can be difficult to build again.
The reality is that there is no happily ever after-Making a relationship work is a lifetime work in progress.We all grew up on fairy tales, in which the prince and princess lived happily ever after! Our thinking is groomed up that way.Let go of this notion and step into real life!