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Saturday, 29 September 2012


I have always been a dreamer, but now, I am achieving as well as dreaming!! You all know my dreams- my heart!! I am blessed by your support- never be scared to dream big, every thing in life is attainable, your dreams matter to you, do not listen to people who say otherwise, respectfully disagree, every one is entitled to their opinions!! God loves you every step of the way,increase  your faith, go forth, have no worries! My life mantra:
I have learnt numerous lessons in my life, I love positive people,they make me grow as a person, I am wise , got over several hurdles! Being a public figure in a small way is never easy, lots of views make me sad, but I have deliberately chosen this path, I am very content! God bless you, may your dreams become reality in your beautiful life!

Monday, 24 September 2012


Racing thoughts, countless questions rose in my mind,
Tried to come to terms with peace, it eluded me, I could not find,
I kept on questioning God,Why?
He chose to afflict me, I broke down countless times, kept on living in my past, when I remember, I still cry!,
Buried memories resurface till today,
Yet now I live in the present moment,
Negativity has no hold on me, no way!
God blessed me, He always did!
It took some time for me to accept my pain, let the light of my soul in,
I am a fighter I am proud to admit!
I already know in my heart that in this battle, I win!!

Sunday, 23 September 2012


For the first time in my life I am letting you inside my world, the following fact is known to my husband, my in-laws, siblings and very few close friends:
I  suffered from Border-line Personality Disorder, it is completely cured now, thanks to my amazing Psychiatrist , medications and clinic visits! I am a proud survivour of BPD! God choose to give me this disease, He knew  that I had the strength to bear it-My Psychiatrist told me that really gifted people suffered from some form of mental disorder, God activates the creative part of their brains, He compensates in this form, some of the most beautiful artists bared their hearts and souls for the world to see!! We all gain inspiration from their beautiful creations!I am among them, I am blessed, your continuous support inspires me!! This is my heart and soul  on a platter- for you- to gain faith and hope that you all can make it in this world, you are worth it, you are you- incredible souls, a gift for this world, I am honoured to know all of you!! God bless you!! You are in my prayers tonight, and every night!!

Friday, 21 September 2012


My life has changed,
My moments have come alive,
For the first time, I am truly living,
Without pretension and disbelief,
I have opened my heart, tons of love poured in,
I do not know how to share my feelings, so I blog them, 
Hoping if I can help some one in despair, I will exist forever in Peace.
My heart goes out to Humanity which is suffering,
Only consolation is that God knows what is He doing,
He sends help in the form of selfless beings for these people,
They are truly great, worthy of respect.
Why can't we all be like that?
Where Love reigns and hate forever fades!

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Whatever I am today,
Whatever I was Yesterday,
Has made the person,I am right now!
Whatever the future brings,I am not scared, I will accept it with open arms,
For my Future will also teach me new lessons,
And make me even more better than I am today!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


If I ever come face to face with you,
That day would be my Ultimate Test,between God and you!
I will stifle my desires, I would pass you up!
I care about God's Love, you matter the most, yet I have grown up!
I would bless you in my heart and shake your hand!
I would regard you an inspiring friend!
May each day ,you realize your inner dreams,
Fame completely engulfs you, your charisma is real, very true!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Limitless arguments,endless debates,
Dear People, broaden your horizon, free your locked fate.
Let Peace and Love be your Guiding Light,
You are a Believer, have Pride!
Choose no one to deter your determination,
Provide positive thoughts and information.
Lend each other a helping hand in this time of need,
Religion knows no bounds, no caste, nor creed!

Monday, 17 September 2012


Limitless arguments,endless debates,
Dear People,broaden your horizons,free your locked fate.
Let peace and love be your Guiding Light,
You are a Believer, have Pride!
Choose no one to  deter your determination,
Provide positive thoughts and information.
Lend each other a helping hand in this time of need,
Religion knows no bounds,no caste nor creed.

Friday, 14 September 2012


Most of us women are not happy about their weight.I myself am guilty of this fact! I was a Bulimic,it went on and off for a while!Then ,suddenly, I felt it was simply not worth it,there were health risks  involved,so I quit! I still obsess about my weight and try to eat less,but my blood pressure goes down on a regular basis,I feel dizzy, so I force my self to eat! If it is really important to all of you to become slim, then do so,but do not go to extreme measures!If you feel you are over- weight,but accept yourself, then please do not listen to others,who judge you on your weight.Be comfortable in your own skin.All women are beautiful, regardless of their weight,accept this fact! You will feel much better!The next time you stand on the bathroom scale, do not panic! Remember, it is all right to gain weight,it happens to us all! If you really want to go on a diet, do so moderately,do not take drastic measures,start exercising ,slowly,then gradually build it up.You are unique, you are you,even if you do not  lose weight, you are still O.K.God still loves you, curves and all!! Let us not give power to the weighing machine,it is just a machine after all, our inner power is worth any machine in the world!!

Thursday, 13 September 2012


The human spirit is a vast ocean,
Covering millions of miles,
Sadly, very few people discover the tide.
Some are struggling, in pain and desperation,
Trying to find an inner meaning in their troubled life.
Even if we let one wave in,
The windows of our soul will open,
Gradually, the ocean will  arrive in ,demons of your past broken,
It takes patience, never lose the faith inside,
You will definitely arrive at your destination,
Free from the world's opinion,
You will feel an incredible sensation.

Monday, 10 September 2012


An inescapable fact of life,
You are born, one day you die,
In between are the moments, for which you strive,
Live each single day as if it is your last day,
Gather all the happiness, embrace your yesterdays.
Who knows when you will cease to exist forever,
What if Tomorrow never arrives,your untold dreams shatter?

Friday, 7 September 2012


              I am sharing a dream I had last night,it is very powerful,I hardly believe I saw it!! I kept on seeing this dream again and again! I hardly slept peacefully! I hope it inspires you as I am inspired:The dream is as follows:
I am standing on the Earth's Globe,as viewed by the Universe, above me, there is a limitless Galaxy,the Horizon is lit with different bands, like the wireless broad band sign, I see the bars light up, when ever some one prays-yet, I cannot see the light when I prayed-so I wonder in the dream,why my prayers did not get connected?I go back to check my prayers,then I see the bars light up!! I know now, that all my prayers were answered at that time-instantly!! 
I am very inspired by this dream,let us all gain faith that God answers all our prayers,it can take some time for us to realize the answer- but the prayer is answered at once!! God bless us all!


I stand at the edge of a deep cliff,
My hands outstretched,feeling my power within,
The Lavender fields,the fading sunset,the twilight,
Provide me peace,calm,an inner being,
The smile of a child,the pain and suffering of Humanity,
Elderly people,those who are undergoing sickness,
I feel and  identify with millions,my soul's button, they press,
I wear my heart on my sleeve,I constantly dream,
Freedom is finally on it's way,silencing my inner scream.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I have found my life's purpose,my destiny,
Finally, I have stumbled upon it by chance,
I cannot believe the new person taking house in me,
All my sufferings and pain have magically gone,
I am lucky that I have survived this long,
My life is a true story where every thing magical resides,
I believe it fervently,
 I can never deceive my self,never again will I hide.

Sunday, 2 September 2012


She is the woman who gave me life,
So strong in character,she makes me cry,
I love you,my dear Ammi, for all you did,
Your caring gestures, your loving words, mean the world to me!
How will I survive when you are gone?
I will surely feel broken and torn,
You are my pillar of strength,my true love on Earth,
I hope that the day I die, you come as an Angel, in disguise,
Take me in your arms, as we both ascend to Heaven that is Paradise,
I am blessed by your maternal love,
As your daughter,I am proud to state, 
You were destined to give birth to me,
Your affection was written in my fate.

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Her heart is a treasure to behold,
She looks ahead, the past she never holds,
She brings joy to millions of people,
Inspiring us all, by her wonderful presence,
With her insights, she has opened her heart,providing us hope.
If any calamity strikes her life, she can cope,
God has picked her as a special human being,
She trusts Him, she is constantly believing,
It is my utmost honour to meet such a beautiful soul,
To scatter happiness around her,never looking back, her ultimate goal.