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Sunday, 23 September 2012


For the first time in my life I am letting you inside my world, the following fact is known to my husband, my in-laws, siblings and very few close friends:
I  suffered from Border-line Personality Disorder, it is completely cured now, thanks to my amazing Psychiatrist , medications and clinic visits! I am a proud survivour of BPD! God choose to give me this disease, He knew  that I had the strength to bear it-My Psychiatrist told me that really gifted people suffered from some form of mental disorder, God activates the creative part of their brains, He compensates in this form, some of the most beautiful artists bared their hearts and souls for the world to see!! We all gain inspiration from their beautiful creations!I am among them, I am blessed, your continuous support inspires me!! This is my heart and soul  on a platter- for you- to gain faith and hope that you all can make it in this world, you are worth it, you are you- incredible souls, a gift for this world, I am honoured to know all of you!! God bless you!! You are in my prayers tonight, and every night!!


  1. And to have united the separate borders into one, now you have immense capacity to transcend them with so much ease! May God continue to bless you and heal you and pour out his abundant Love into your life and many around you.