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Friday, 7 September 2012


              I am sharing a dream I had last night,it is very powerful,I hardly believe I saw it!! I kept on seeing this dream again and again! I hardly slept peacefully! I hope it inspires you as I am inspired:The dream is as follows:
I am standing on the Earth's Globe,as viewed by the Universe, above me, there is a limitless Galaxy,the Horizon is lit with different bands, like the wireless broad band sign, I see the bars light up, when ever some one prays-yet, I cannot see the light when I prayed-so I wonder in the dream,why my prayers did not get connected?I go back to check my prayers,then I see the bars light up!! I know now, that all my prayers were answered at that time-instantly!! 
I am very inspired by this dream,let us all gain faith that God answers all our prayers,it can take some time for us to realize the answer- but the prayer is answered at once!! God bless us all!


  1. Just as a wild thought because I don't know what your belief system is.

    Could it be that people pray and God answers either directly with a instant answer, in-directly through someone else or maybe there is no answer? But then again, how would you know it is God who answered. Just my curious mind do overload again. Interesting post Tazein Mirza Saad.

  2. Dear Rum-Punch Drunk,thank you for your support!! God answers every one, sooner or later, sometimes by giving direct answers, sometimes indirectly-we have to remain patient- that is all!!

  3. Dear Rum-Punch Drunk,God answers instantly,may answer later,the timimg regarding answering prayers is upto Him!We can have faith in God that He has already listened to our prayers,so, in actual form they may come soon, for some people late.It is God's domain-we can't ask:when will our prayers come true!!