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Thursday, 21 November 2013


This poem is inspired by an old man who works at a petrol pump. He had lost an arm, yet he gave us a very cheerful greeting and looked content and happy, he even cleaned our car windows, without asking , he had such dignity and commanded  respect! I can never forget him! It is amazing to come across such brave individuals in my daily life!
His honest smile, his courageous face,
To handle life's obstacles, a smile on his face,
Truth is, he had only one arm,
Yet, never gave up his positivity, he can come to no harm,
Touched was I by his simplicity,
Dignity in his struggle to live life,
Always smiling and cheerful, giving his best shot,
Shrugging away the cloak of misery, embracing light.


I was living a life full of dreams, endless possibilities,
My marriage was a match made by God,
After a while, my husband became a monster,
I endured countless beatings on my body,
I became weaker, unsure where to turn to for help,
This life sentence has no chance of parole,
I am trapped behind invisible bars,
I sometimes wish my end comes quickly, at least I do not have to suffer more,
I want to be free, like a butterfly,
Roam the night sky, see the drifting clouds,
Will God save me? I do not know the answer to this question,
My each and every moment is traumatized.


Days pass on, darkness descends,
Each day goes by, like a ticking bomb, inside my head,
My thoughts go on and on, infinite,
Trying to shut out my inner voice, I try to blank out,
Just to be free, free to be me,
To live totally, without judgement, without vice,
To be accepted as a human being,
I am like a bird in a gilded cage,
Flapping her wings, trying to fly.


All human beings have the capacity to attain Wisdom.Some people learn early in life, some later, and some unfortunate ones, never!
People who are wise have one thing in common: they have undergone huge emotional loss, pain, heart break, a life changing  traumatic event, a chronic illness.Through their pain, they have emerged stronger, compassionate and wise. Enduring suffering is an event no one wants to go through, but it is an essential price to pay in order to achieve wisdom.
The first step towards healing is to accept our past, our mistakes and love ourselves- faults and all.Then only, we can truly love others.
Our experiences shape us to either bear our sorrows with patience or to become bitter and resentful. Patience is a key element here.To accept other people as they are, without judgement is the greatest step in attaining Wisdom.
No matter how many self- help books we read, nothing will sink in, until we ourselves are ready to absorb the knowledge listed there.
I feel that people who are wise can make a difference in this world, by being kind, compassionate,by providing hope to others.This is the greatest blessing of all! Life is a continuous cycle of growth and change. Being wise does not mean that our troubles will vanish,it simply means that we are well equipped to handle them.
Please do not give up hope! Your sorrows will one day become your strength, though you might not see it now.The very things which hold you down, might lift you up tomorrow! Remember, the people with the worst pasts sometimes end up with creating the best futures!


I am feeling very emotional. In inspiring the world, I have lost myself, I inspire thousands, which is a great feeling, but how do I inspire myself? I feel confused, I am waging war on several fronts, I am terribly unhappy, because there is no one I can share my pain with. I am unable to understand one thing: Why do I need a man to love me? It is a burning need in me to be loved as a woman, yet , I am forever destined to have many men friends, with whom I do not feel a romantic connection with. Who do I share my pain with? I am counselling people individually, but where do I go , whom do I tell, that I am just a normal woman who has her battles? No one is caring enough for me. After thinking about this fact , I feel it is my fate- no one can change it! God has decided that I will remain alone forever, I cannot question Him why, I just accept His Destiny for me! I am very strong, very self- confident, but when it comes to matters of the heart, I fail! Several times! Finally, trying to accept that which I cannot change! It hurts though!


In the midst of the twilight, I wake up,
Haunted by my inner demons, I feel like giving up,
Why did you enter my life, just to leave at first light?
Did you ever care about me, against your lust I still fight,
The memories are impossible to erase, I still recall your loving gaze,
Every thing is broke and twisted, every thing a haze,
I wish I had never met you, that you would have remained a stranger,
Just a friend, never a lover, out of my sight,
I wish I had protected myself from danger.


I thought we were meant to be together forever,

You said you would love  me for a million years,

Somewhere , along the way, you left me alone,

I was too shattered, there are no more words left to say,

Your eyes told your story, I saw myself in them,

Even , now, I am confused, what did I do wrong?

I want closure, I wish you had stayed away,

There is no sense in you leaving me, you say you still love me,

Yet, you have closed off your heart to something beautiful and enchanting.

I still have you in my heart, one day, you will become a fond memory,

Till that happens, I cry myself to sleep every night, you are everything I wanted for the first time,

Give me some hours to be at your side, to love you for a while,

Love has left a scar, no one can heal,

Only, I know, because my battered heart can feel.


Or will you remain a coward, a farce?When you were young, did you wonder,
How your life would turn out to be?
How will the moments of life affect you, will you laugh or cry?
Will you feel every emotion to the depth of your being?
Or will you shut out your inner fears?
Will be brave and courageous, loyal and steadfast,
Remember, life goes on, stops for nobody,
Live out days in the best of ways,
Come on, light the world, you always have your say!


Whenever you feel like giving up,
Think of me, for I am always there,
An invisible presence, I hold your hand,
Aim sky high, my beautiful friend!
You are sweet, the nicest person I ever met,
I feel your pain, your eyes tell your story,
Every thing will work out in the end, do not worry!
Destiny brought us together, remember God tests us all,
The important thing is to keep going and never fall,
God loves you, He is always there, I love you, I will always care!


Is there really  nothing sacred any more?
Broken trust, shattered hope, moments of despair,
Finally, you have found some one else,
After leaving me broken hearted, an empty shell,
You were fake all along, I just did not see,
How capable you were, you deceived me, was never free,
Karma comes for us all, you will get what you deserve,
One day, you will cry and  will know in your heart  the reason why.