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Friday, 31 August 2012


Fear is the emotion we are very familiar with, it is forever a part of our lives.I want to share with you all: embrace and accept your fears-rejoice!! It is perfectly normal to feel scared, take it from a person whose best friend was fear, but  now, I am accepting my fears and moving on.You all are unique,your views should be respected, people have different views, they may not agree with you-it's a fact of life!! If you want to share your fears, your feelings,then what are you waiting for? You only get one life, do not be afraid that you have only one choice, you can have a second, third, fourth choice, etc! Live out your life- live out your dreams, you do not want to regret the things you wished for but could not fulfill them because you were scared to do so, you should rejoice that you gave your life the best, when you are dying! Start your new journey now,you will be pleasantly surprised!! My prayers are with all of you!!

Sunday, 26 August 2012


Writing is like breathing in my eyes, I feel intensely,only then I can write, I never think about what I am writing, when I finish, I read it, edit if really necessary- that's it! I always keep a diary in my bag, for inspiration can strike any time, so I note it down,otherwise I will forget!! This is the one power God gave me, so many people have helped me that I am truly amazed, my sister ,Afreen, helped me to create a blog, when I did not know how to do work out the internet,God has given me His Divine Aid, that is all I can say!!My intentions are pure,He knows my heart.I am doing this because some how I absorb other people's pain as my own, I start crying, I can not stop it.Sometimes I wonder why I am becoming a totally new person :only one answer comes to mind:God sees me as special,He never gave up on me,when I had given up on myself, He always held me dear, when ever I felt alone, when ever I suffered,He remembered my pain throughout these years, He saw my patience, my acceptance, when my world was shattering around me,I have forgotten what I endured , but God knew! This time, He has finally arrived ! I still feel that  I am dreaming,but it is becoming a reality, I cannot stop my destiny,God already decided it for me,before I was born.Each and every person is my strength, I am not alone, we are all together.Every one does not have to be a writer, I am an Architect by profession,it was the worst mistake in my life, it was not my line at all.There are emotions in each one of us, people just express it differently- some write, some paint,become actors, musicians,etc.Even watching movies, listening to music, gardening, etc. Whatever you enjoy doing do it! It is my dream that all of you find that one thing that makes your heart dance,your eyes sparkle, your steps lighten!!You have it in you- it may take a while, just explore your thoughts, then do the thing which your heart whispers you to do, you will gain true happiness,You are very precious to God,He is just a prayer away!! My best wishes to all of you!               

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Dear readers, here is the part two of my blogging thoughts:
I have a troubled and painful past, which I will share in my book, it sounds like a movie story, but every word is real.My faith faltered- it has taken 10 years-God finally came for me-He was there the whole time,I was not aware of it.One day,I looked at the sky, finally let His Light into my soul.It took some time to build it up, my life is still surrounded by negativity-but I am trying my best to accept it, for only then, I can find peace.All these years, I truly hated some one, felt an intense rage towards that person,wished him evil, I became exhausted and tired, I felt God was unfair,will He ever see my heart and love me?One day, just like that, I forgave that person  truly, an instant peace descended upon me!! I have always felt unloved my whole life, no one talked about the real me,I have grown used to the fact that I am attractive, people still check me out, even today, but I do not feel arrogant.What about inner beauty?No one saw it until I started sharing my thoughts with people, their opinions continuously amaze me, I feel more inspired than ever!!This is the real me, the inner Tazein ,the outer Tazein is beautiful, please do not go on my looks, look at the inner Tazein!! I am not afraid now, I have started sharing my writings with the world.
P.S. :Part 3 will follow soon-The date which you see at the bottom is the actual date I wrote-Love to all of you!!

Monday, 20 August 2012


       I started writing  at the age of 20.Before that,I was mute, never felt anything.An emotional event led me to write-all my bottled up feelings came out, I started writing poems nearly every day.This phase lasted for a while, then slowly tapered down. Until my 30's , I used to write on and off.I was very scared of showing my writings to any one, afraid that they would make fun of them.I started with romantic themes, first-Fate dealt me 2 blows-both my diaries of poems were lost, when we were moving house, some of my most beautiful words were written there,I am talking about 7 years back.I broke down completely,I felt that I had lost a child!! I cried in front of friends, family, they assured me that a truly creative person will always be creative-I wanted to believe it, but was still scared-What if my writings were gone again?Then, the process started again,but this time it was different-My theme changed to God, His blessings, faith, hope, love and courage.Finally, my spiritual side started showing.I was amazed at the intensity of of my emotions!!
                       P.S :To be continued!! as soon as possible-


 You touch my heart in so many ways,
                    Your smile, your laughter, are my precious moments,
                     Even your anger, your irritibility!!!
                    I totally understand your moods,
                    You are a human being, yet you are my Adonis,
                     Living for eternity in the niche of my consciousness.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


 The scene of a lake, the still water,
Calms my mind's state, I wonder at God's magnificence,
Whenever depression hits me, I imagine this scenery,
My demeanor changes,I feel peace descending,
The remote house, surrounded by the flowering fields,
The colour  of roses and trees remind me,
That God created these things, I feel tranquility.
My beating heart stills for a while,
My soul finds succor , I begin to smile. 


Ever since I started blogging,
So many people asked me where I am from?
How could you write words,which have the power to impact our world,
I am Tazein, a human being,just like you,
I am nearby, closer than you think,
Hold my hand and let us take a walk,
Towards a brighter today and tomorrow.
You will gain tremendous happiness,
Say good bye to your sorrows.

Monday, 13 August 2012


When my father died, something inside me faded,
I was overcome with grief, beyond belief.
Nine months later, an angel entered my life,
I gave birth to my daughter,
The moment I saw her face, all my pain vanished.
I named her Malaikaah, which means Angel in Arabic.
Every day I  am constantly amazed by her presence,
She is the shining light in my darkness,
I smile whenever I see her , she is 6 years old, yet so mature,
God took my father away, He knew I would be terribly hurt,
He replaced him by Malaikaah,
In her spirit , I see her innocence,
She looks just like me when I was young,
My only wish is to see her grow up,
I want to always be in her sight.
As a mother, I am awed by God's creation,
That He blessed me so much by giving me this creation.

Saturday, 11 August 2012


When  God put us on this earth, He had a purpose,
We have to look inside ourselves honestly,
Accept our failiures, but also find our hidden strength,
We all are powerful, it's always there, if only we could see,
There is no word to describe this feeling of power,
It is the most incredible sensation,
So, all of you, just feel that you are very powerful,
 Truth, justice prevails over hatred and lies,
For in the war between good and bad, hatred always dies.


I often wonder about nature, about God's creation. The freezing glaciers, white and huge in their majesty, The ocean mist,the slapping waves, The sunset on a beautiful beach, The fall of autumn leaves,red and yellow, The incredible colours of flowers in a field. The towering mountains,surrounded by the green trees, The amazing scenery of dawn breaking, It's radience shining every where, The movement of the flowing clouds, against the backgroud of the blue sky, A lone lighthouse perched atop a cliff, I am inspired, I feel at peace, Marvel at God's creativity, His invention, my belief. Tazein 3.8.2012. t

Sunday, 5 August 2012


My days were filled with darkness, 
Constantly belittled by my husband, 
I felt that I was an accident,which God had created by mistake. 
I felt like nothing, drifting along hopelessly in my feelings, 
No support from anywhere, my confidence in myself withered, 
Then, at once,God finally listened to my prayers, after 18 years, 
He took just one hand of mine and steered me to the right path, 
I feel humble, I feel grateful,that at last my existence has a meaning, 
I am not an accident of God, 
I am His creation, which should be respected by all. 


There are so many times in my life,
When I have been depressed and hopeless,
No path to guide me towards light,
Whenever I was happy , I was terrified,
What if I lost that happiness? the feeling of peace.
My mind fought constantly, I resisted against joy,
But then one day, a miracle happened,
I began to live in my treasured moments.
Let joy and gladness into my life,
Accepted that good memories do last forever,
That negativity is also a part of our life.


It;s never too late to change to a better state,
No matter your age, however old you might be.
God is just a step away, just give one hand of yours for Him to take.
The journey will be incredible, you will be truly happy.
What are you waiting for?Start today!!!
See and feel the new You, celebrate!!!

          THE TRUTH
My days were filled with darkness,
Constantly belittled by my husband,
I felt that I was an accident,which God had created by mistake.
I felt like nothing, drifting along hopelessly in my feelings,
No support from anywhere, my confidence in myself withered,
Then, at once,God finally listened to my prayers, after 18 years,
He took just one hand of mine and steered me to the right path,
I feel humble, I feel grateful,that at last my existence has a meaning,
I am not an accident of God,
I am His creation, which should be respected by all.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


When I was young,
I used to look at the sky,and wonder whether God lives nearby,
Now I am grown up and older,
Lived out my life's goals,
Sometimes I stumbled, sometimes I fell,
But always picked myself up.
Till now, I see the sky,
And believe with all my heart,
My God is alive.


Such a beautiful word!!Filled with power. The only thing remains,while one feels their life has gone down the drain.Clinging stubbornly,providing faith what would life be, without hope?That we all see a better tomorrow than today!!We are not alone, no matter our life circumstances, God always watching over us, it has been my personal experience, trust me, when nothing was left in my life, when I felt I was really, really dying, God came for me.I could't believe it at first- but for believers, we all know that feeling, that some Higher Power is surrounding us and really listening to us, to our heart and soul, and then we feel a sense of peace descend upon us,this is the most incredible feeling in the world!!We all have to trust that God has a mission fir us all, a path which He gently steers us to, and in order to trust God, we have to only open one window in our souls.Hope for a better life, a new tomorrow, a new day, a ray of sunshine, the night is darkest just before dawn breaks!!Hope  triumphs over despair .Personally I hope that God blesses each and every one of us, for we are all very special in His eyes. I pray for everyone to experience true happiness and feel the power of their soul!!!


It is never too late to change to a better state,
No matter your age,however old you might be,
God is just a stop away, just give one hand of yours for Him to take,
The journey will be incredible, you will be truly happy.
What are you waiting for?Start today!!!,
See and feel the New You, celebrate!!


There is a wealth of emotions inside my heart,
Which refuse to ebb, only flow with the tide,
Intense joy, happiness, peace and love,
Sprituality has becomea wealthy commodity,
This world never matters, I look forward to the day I die,
I hope God accepts and keeps me in Heaven.


Life is not about winning or losing,
It's just about living your higher call,
Many a flood can come and try to wash you away,
Cling on to the nearest branch, be strong!!
Live each day with purpose and passion,
Make a pact with your soul, your relation.
You can do it, you know in your heart
Smile your best smile ever, your sorrows will depart.


                  ON WRITING POEM
I feel writing a poetry is a beautiful process.
Whenever I intensly about something, it has to come out.
I don't know how the words come out,
It feels like a well has surged inside, all the expressions come,
I have grown as a person who can reach humanity,
Feel emotions through words.
A window has opened in my heart,
Where God's love pours.
I am blessed, I am me, I was and will always be.


For the first time in my life, I have accepted my being,
That I have flaws just like any other person.
There is a wealth of love in my heart,
Yet I can't deny my past.
Whatever happened, I can't change,
Just trying to live out my lif's best phase.
I am human, I feel, I expect,
Expectations with any person never comes true.
So, I accept I can't change the people around me.
Only I have the power to forgive, let things be.

                               Just to spend one night with you,
                                 In your arms, by your side, if only you notice me!!
                                 Touch and caress me, only me,
                                     I would fall, utterly broken by your splendour,
                                 Come let me introduce you to my world,
                                      Where only you exist, you breathe,
                                 Hold me for a second, I will melt,
                                  Give my body and soul up, to know the real you!!!        


  Would you believe that God came to me, really came about 7 years back, when one day, dull and depressed, I was driving. My life sucked at that moment, I had post-natal depression, I had lost my father, within a month,I was pregnant,totally unplanned, my father passed on 9.12.2005,.and my daugher was born exactly on 9.9. 2006. Idid'nt to have kids, I had 2 kids already. I did'nt get a chance to grieve for him,I was in shock, I felt hopeless, that was my worst experience ever. My whole world shattered in an instant. So, there I was , driving driving along the road, when suddenly, I felt that someone was watching me, it felt that God was next to me and was listening intently.I broke down at once,tears streaming down my face so hard, that my vision blurred and I had to stop the car nearby. I wondered that God had come for me, someone who was not really a religious person, I felt very small and humble!!!After that day, God has been in my souland every day I talk to Him about my feelings. I personally feel that He listens to all of us, but we all have to open our hearts and listen to the silence within.For within that silence, dwells God. May Hegive us all strength to bear our crosses and become a better human beings.


I was wallowing in pain,
When I saw the night sky,
It was so dark, but suddenly I noticed one star shining brightly,
Actually, the night provided hope,in the shape of the twinkling star
Slowly, more stars popped on the horizon.
I gained a simple truth that it is never too dark,
There will be always be a guiding light.
Providing illumination amidst despair and fright.


Come step into my world, where everything is possible  and full of hope.
I feel the radiance of radiance of happiness touch my soul.
My path has finally become clear.
I was drifting along with the tide,
Totally helpless and clueless, trying to find my shining light.
Then God descended, this miracle happened!!!
I am blesssed  that He has finally answered that He has finally heard my prayers.
My world is full of Paradise!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


My world is a gilded cage,
Well-adorned, a rich veneer, a palace facade,
I have everything, yet nothing is ever mine,
I cannot escape this private jail.
Sentenced to life imprisonment, no hope of payroll,
I pass each day, praying to die,
Nobody loves me, nobody cares,
What difference would it make if I never fade


Imagine for a moment your face becomes distorted,
All it takes is a single splash of acid.
They are totally destroyed, crying for justice,
So many women, so less hope, a broken veneer,
 Their lives ended abruptly, in the flash of a second,
Dreams destroyed, the will to go on impossible.
Nameless faces, broken hearts, destruction within,
No ray of light, no beacon of hope,
 Time passes endlessly for these poor souls.
Maybe they can achieve justice and accept their current state.
I hope God helps them, compensates,
For all their years of suffering, they will gain respect
It is definitely written in their fate.
Poem inspired by the movie, "SAVING FACE"

Comments on the movie "Saving Face "

Saving Face is a documentary about Pakistani women who have had acid thrown on their faces and body by their husbands or family members.Killing people has now become a norm all over the world , but especially Karachi , the biggest city in Pakistan.I was born and raised there.The political situation has worsened since the last two years. Though I live in Singapore, I frequently visit Karachi to meet my mother and sister, my one sister and brother also live abroad.I never dreamt the extent of cruelty a man is capable of , until I saw this movie. I cried throughout the movie, seeing these brave women fighting to exist .They cover themselves from head to toe when going out, some don't go out at all.I salute these women for their strength of character.Imagine their depression and loss of identity ,they can't look at the mirror to see their distorted faces.Our face is something we all accept since birth,imagine seeing yourself in the mirror and seeing a grotesque,twisted shell, all they have left is to just go on with whatever life they can manage , with the reality that something very precious has been snatched from them.The perpretators of this crime will surely live in hell forever, God will never let them go to Paradise.It is my strong belief. I have composed a poem based on these women who have suffered this fate.This movie won the Oscars this year, hopefully many people will see it and acknowledge these horrible facts are happening and create a support system for these women.