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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Comments on the movie "Saving Face "

Saving Face is a documentary about Pakistani women who have had acid thrown on their faces and body by their husbands or family members.Killing people has now become a norm all over the world , but especially Karachi , the biggest city in Pakistan.I was born and raised there.The political situation has worsened since the last two years. Though I live in Singapore, I frequently visit Karachi to meet my mother and sister, my one sister and brother also live abroad.I never dreamt the extent of cruelty a man is capable of , until I saw this movie. I cried throughout the movie, seeing these brave women fighting to exist .They cover themselves from head to toe when going out, some don't go out at all.I salute these women for their strength of character.Imagine their depression and loss of identity ,they can't look at the mirror to see their distorted faces.Our face is something we all accept since birth,imagine seeing yourself in the mirror and seeing a grotesque,twisted shell, all they have left is to just go on with whatever life they can manage , with the reality that something very precious has been snatched from them.The perpretators of this crime will surely live in hell forever, God will never let them go to Paradise.It is my strong belief. I have composed a poem based on these women who have suffered this fate.This movie won the Oscars this year, hopefully many people will see it and acknowledge these horrible facts are happening and create a support system for these women.

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