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Thursday, 2 August 2012


  Would you believe that God came to me, really came about 7 years back, when one day, dull and depressed, I was driving. My life sucked at that moment, I had post-natal depression, I had lost my father, within a month,I was pregnant,totally unplanned, my father passed on 9.12.2005,.and my daugher was born exactly on 9.9. 2006. Idid'nt to have kids, I had 2 kids already. I did'nt get a chance to grieve for him,I was in shock, I felt hopeless, that was my worst experience ever. My whole world shattered in an instant. So, there I was , driving driving along the road, when suddenly, I felt that someone was watching me, it felt that God was next to me and was listening intently.I broke down at once,tears streaming down my face so hard, that my vision blurred and I had to stop the car nearby. I wondered that God had come for me, someone who was not really a religious person, I felt very small and humble!!!After that day, God has been in my souland every day I talk to Him about my feelings. I personally feel that He listens to all of us, but we all have to open our hearts and listen to the silence within.For within that silence, dwells God. May Hegive us all strength to bear our crosses and become a better human beings.

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