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Saturday, 25 August 2012


Dear readers, here is the part two of my blogging thoughts:
I have a troubled and painful past, which I will share in my book, it sounds like a movie story, but every word is real.My faith faltered- it has taken 10 years-God finally came for me-He was there the whole time,I was not aware of it.One day,I looked at the sky, finally let His Light into my soul.It took some time to build it up, my life is still surrounded by negativity-but I am trying my best to accept it, for only then, I can find peace.All these years, I truly hated some one, felt an intense rage towards that person,wished him evil, I became exhausted and tired, I felt God was unfair,will He ever see my heart and love me?One day, just like that, I forgave that person  truly, an instant peace descended upon me!! I have always felt unloved my whole life, no one talked about the real me,I have grown used to the fact that I am attractive, people still check me out, even today, but I do not feel arrogant.What about inner beauty?No one saw it until I started sharing my thoughts with people, their opinions continuously amaze me, I feel more inspired than ever!!This is the real me, the inner Tazein ,the outer Tazein is beautiful, please do not go on my looks, look at the inner Tazein!! I am not afraid now, I have started sharing my writings with the world.
P.S. :Part 3 will follow soon-The date which you see at the bottom is the actual date I wrote-Love to all of you!!


  1. Good. Experiences are the lessons of God about the steps ahead. Good Luck

  2. Believe me, your inner beauty shines out through your words