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Monday, 13 August 2012


When my father died, something inside me faded,
I was overcome with grief, beyond belief.
Nine months later, an angel entered my life,
I gave birth to my daughter,
The moment I saw her face, all my pain vanished.
I named her Malaikaah, which means Angel in Arabic.
Every day I  am constantly amazed by her presence,
She is the shining light in my darkness,
I smile whenever I see her , she is 6 years old, yet so mature,
God took my father away, He knew I would be terribly hurt,
He replaced him by Malaikaah,
In her spirit , I see her innocence,
She looks just like me when I was young,
My only wish is to see her grow up,
I want to always be in her sight.
As a mother, I am awed by God's creation,
That He blessed me so much by giving me this creation.

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