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Sunday, 26 August 2012


Writing is like breathing in my eyes, I feel intensely,only then I can write, I never think about what I am writing, when I finish, I read it, edit if really necessary- that's it! I always keep a diary in my bag, for inspiration can strike any time, so I note it down,otherwise I will forget!! This is the one power God gave me, so many people have helped me that I am truly amazed, my sister ,Afreen, helped me to create a blog, when I did not know how to do work out the internet,God has given me His Divine Aid, that is all I can say!!My intentions are pure,He knows my heart.I am doing this because some how I absorb other people's pain as my own, I start crying, I can not stop it.Sometimes I wonder why I am becoming a totally new person :only one answer comes to mind:God sees me as special,He never gave up on me,when I had given up on myself, He always held me dear, when ever I felt alone, when ever I suffered,He remembered my pain throughout these years, He saw my patience, my acceptance, when my world was shattering around me,I have forgotten what I endured , but God knew! This time, He has finally arrived ! I still feel that  I am dreaming,but it is becoming a reality, I cannot stop my destiny,God already decided it for me,before I was born.Each and every person is my strength, I am not alone, we are all together.Every one does not have to be a writer, I am an Architect by profession,it was the worst mistake in my life, it was not my line at all.There are emotions in each one of us, people just express it differently- some write, some paint,become actors, musicians,etc.Even watching movies, listening to music, gardening, etc. Whatever you enjoy doing do it! It is my dream that all of you find that one thing that makes your heart dance,your eyes sparkle, your steps lighten!!You have it in you- it may take a while, just explore your thoughts, then do the thing which your heart whispers you to do, you will gain true happiness,You are very precious to God,He is just a prayer away!! My best wishes to all of you!               


  1. "There are emotions in each one of us, people just express it differently- some write, some paint,become actors, musicians,etc."- GREAT IDEA superb

  2. Dear Naveen,thank you for your support!!