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Friday, 31 August 2012


Fear is the emotion we are very familiar with, it is forever a part of our lives.I want to share with you all: embrace and accept your fears-rejoice!! It is perfectly normal to feel scared, take it from a person whose best friend was fear, but  now, I am accepting my fears and moving on.You all are unique,your views should be respected, people have different views, they may not agree with you-it's a fact of life!! If you want to share your fears, your feelings,then what are you waiting for? You only get one life, do not be afraid that you have only one choice, you can have a second, third, fourth choice, etc! Live out your life- live out your dreams, you do not want to regret the things you wished for but could not fulfill them because you were scared to do so, you should rejoice that you gave your life the best, when you are dying! Start your new journey now,you will be pleasantly surprised!! My prayers are with all of you!!


  1. Fear is a good thing in one sense because it alerts you to something that is not right. Sometimes we have a feeling of fear due to danger and rightly so.
    Fear can also be crippling where it stops you from achieving your goals or moving forward. This is the fear that many of us have to deal with and overcome if we want to succeed.

  2. Dear Rum-Punch Drunk,
    I agree with you!

  3. Dear Tazein,
    Thanks for sharing nice words with us.
    Fear is a power which can let you down and also can raise you up, so now choice is yours whether you want to rise up or fell down. Fear is not a bad nothing but pushing back by it is really a sad thing. Facing the fears and accepting them can only convert them into one's strength.

    Stay Blessed:)
    Taiba Tanjila

  4. Dear Taiba,
    Thank you so much for your loving support! God bless you!