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Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Imagine for a moment your face becomes distorted,
All it takes is a single splash of acid.
They are totally destroyed, crying for justice,
So many women, so less hope, a broken veneer,
 Their lives ended abruptly, in the flash of a second,
Dreams destroyed, the will to go on impossible.
Nameless faces, broken hearts, destruction within,
No ray of light, no beacon of hope,
 Time passes endlessly for these poor souls.
Maybe they can achieve justice and accept their current state.
I hope God helps them, compensates,
For all their years of suffering, they will gain respect
It is definitely written in their fate.
Poem inspired by the movie, "SAVING FACE"


  1. Hello Tazein,Thank you for sharing these with me. I have enjoyed reading them. I saw this movie when it was shown by the doctor who also happens to be a family friend. It was truly an inspirational account of what can be achieved when we want to make a difference but at the same time it was a disturbing account of how some men treat their women and destroy their lives. I hope that the society will get rid it self of all such forms of oppression against each other and become more human in nature.

  2. Thank u !!can u give your link-I wd like to follow u r posts!