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Sunday, 26 May 2013


The biggest test of patience when we are going through troubled times.It is very easy to blame others for putting us in this situation, but this type of thinking leaves us bitter and resentful.Take a bold step: forgive those who have wronged you, accept them as they are, because people do not change, unless they really want to.Meanwhile, have courage, the pain may seem to last for ages, but be patient, keep your faith strong and pray to God to relieve your pain.Remember, we all go through cycles of pain and joy.The patience you develop while suffering will one day, turn into intense joy- it will take time, but never give up hope! There will be many years of happiness coming your way if you try this formula.Believe me, it has worked for me- it will definitely work for you too! Good luck, sending you a ton of prayers!

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Patience is the ultimate test which life keeps on showing us.Nearly all people are impatient, everybody is in a big rush, we want everything instantly, if something does not go our way, we blame others for it.Patience teaches us lessons every day.Imagine this scenario:
1-Standing in a long queue:
We become upset, angry.
Answer: Hum your favorite song, think about something which made you smile, while waiting!
2-Stuck in a traffic jam:
We become impatient.
Answer: Listen to songs on your CD player and smile!
3-Things not working out our way:
We become upset, spend hours worrying why they don't.
Answer:Accept your situation, you did your best, move on, if it is meant to be, things will eventually work out!
4-On net sites, not getting the number of followers we desire:
We become depressed, thinking we are doing something wrong!
Answer:Wait, everything takes time, nothing happens instantly.You will gain followers, give gratitude to the people already following you, keep on posting good content.
5-Checking our mobile phone constantly, waiting for that important phone call or message:
We become desperate willing the other person to contact us asap.
Answer:Relax, let it go, detach yourself, even if a reply does not come, do not be sad, move on!
In all of the above situations, life is teaching us to learn patience, provided we are willing to learn! Life will keep on giving us lessons, until we learn from them.

Friday, 10 May 2013


How would you define power? We associate power with people who are celebrities, media kings, millionaires, etc.We look up to them, which is human nature.
For me, the ultimate power is the power of our soul.It is so powerful, if only we keep our faith strong continuously fight on and never give up on our dreams! We have the power to change our thoughts, the power to take a stand about something we strongly believe in, the power to continue believing in our Destiny, even during troubled times.
We are all powerful in our own unique ways!Money does not define power.So many powerful , rich people are leading very unhappy lives,so many celebrities either commit suicide or take drugs.Why? Fact is they too , are human, they have feelings like the rest of us.Money alone cannot satisfy people.We all need someone to love and accept us unconditionally.In the end, we are all human beings, we are all connected!
The true test of power is: When God gives you power, do you stay humble or become arrogant?Do you start abusing the power given to you?Do you start  thinking you are the best and glorify yourself?
If God gives power, He can easily take it away, very easily! Therefore, offer gratitude to Him every day, for God has blessed you with power! Your power will increase more with time if you do not become haughty!

Saturday, 4 May 2013


What is the definition of love? Most people assume love as romantic love, but love is much more than that.Love encompasses loving your family, friends, and the most important love  definition for me- the love for Humanity! I pray for people whom I do not know on a personal level, they come from the net, or the people I meet randomly in my real life.Envy and jealously are two words which do not exist in my dictionary!I have personally experienced that the more love you give to others, the more you receive.God loves people who pray for others with their hearts,only He can see what lies within our souls.One important thing is to forgive people who have wronged you, even if they are your worst enemies!By forgiving them, you do yourself a favor.Do not give Power to those people by letting their words or actions impact on your mind.Forgive truly with your heart, say a silent prayer, bless them with love and happiness and move on in your life.Focus on the positive people around you.You will see a remarkable change in your life! You will attain inner peace and contentment- which is priceless!God will bless you many times over! This is my secret, this is what I do.Pause and reflect- love always wins in the end.This is an eternal truth!