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Friday, 10 May 2013


How would you define power? We associate power with people who are celebrities, media kings, millionaires, etc.We look up to them, which is human nature.
For me, the ultimate power is the power of our soul.It is so powerful, if only we keep our faith strong continuously fight on and never give up on our dreams! We have the power to change our thoughts, the power to take a stand about something we strongly believe in, the power to continue believing in our Destiny, even during troubled times.
We are all powerful in our own unique ways!Money does not define power.So many powerful , rich people are leading very unhappy lives,so many celebrities either commit suicide or take drugs.Why? Fact is they too , are human, they have feelings like the rest of us.Money alone cannot satisfy people.We all need someone to love and accept us unconditionally.In the end, we are all human beings, we are all connected!
The true test of power is: When God gives you power, do you stay humble or become arrogant?Do you start abusing the power given to you?Do you start  thinking you are the best and glorify yourself?
If God gives power, He can easily take it away, very easily! Therefore, offer gratitude to Him every day, for God has blessed you with power! Your power will increase more with time if you do not become haughty!