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Saturday, 18 May 2013


Patience is the ultimate test which life keeps on showing us.Nearly all people are impatient, everybody is in a big rush, we want everything instantly, if something does not go our way, we blame others for it.Patience teaches us lessons every day.Imagine this scenario:
1-Standing in a long queue:
We become upset, angry.
Answer: Hum your favorite song, think about something which made you smile, while waiting!
2-Stuck in a traffic jam:
We become impatient.
Answer: Listen to songs on your CD player and smile!
3-Things not working out our way:
We become upset, spend hours worrying why they don't.
Answer:Accept your situation, you did your best, move on, if it is meant to be, things will eventually work out!
4-On net sites, not getting the number of followers we desire:
We become depressed, thinking we are doing something wrong!
Answer:Wait, everything takes time, nothing happens instantly.You will gain followers, give gratitude to the people already following you, keep on posting good content.
5-Checking our mobile phone constantly, waiting for that important phone call or message:
We become desperate willing the other person to contact us asap.
Answer:Relax, let it go, detach yourself, even if a reply does not come, do not be sad, move on!
In all of the above situations, life is teaching us to learn patience, provided we are willing to learn! Life will keep on giving us lessons, until we learn from them.

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  1. Very good post, Tazein. Patience is often overlooked, and we rush to take action. Patience is an art; it's learning to make time work for you. Thank you for writing this.