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Thursday, 2 August 2012


Such a beautiful word!!Filled with power. The only thing remains,while one feels their life has gone down the drain.Clinging stubbornly,providing faith what would life be, without hope?That we all see a better tomorrow than today!!We are not alone, no matter our life circumstances, God always watching over us, it has been my personal experience, trust me, when nothing was left in my life, when I felt I was really, really dying, God came for me.I could't believe it at first- but for believers, we all know that feeling, that some Higher Power is surrounding us and really listening to us, to our heart and soul, and then we feel a sense of peace descend upon us,this is the most incredible feeling in the world!!We all have to trust that God has a mission fir us all, a path which He gently steers us to, and in order to trust God, we have to only open one window in our souls.Hope for a better life, a new tomorrow, a new day, a ray of sunshine, the night is darkest just before dawn breaks!!Hope  triumphs over despair .Personally I hope that God blesses each and every one of us, for we are all very special in His eyes. I pray for everyone to experience true happiness and feel the power of their soul!!!


  1. Dear Sharing Gratis, I do not understand your language, thank you for reading!