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Thursday, 21 November 2013


I am feeling very emotional. In inspiring the world, I have lost myself, I inspire thousands, which is a great feeling, but how do I inspire myself? I feel confused, I am waging war on several fronts, I am terribly unhappy, because there is no one I can share my pain with. I am unable to understand one thing: Why do I need a man to love me? It is a burning need in me to be loved as a woman, yet , I am forever destined to have many men friends, with whom I do not feel a romantic connection with. Who do I share my pain with? I am counselling people individually, but where do I go , whom do I tell, that I am just a normal woman who has her battles? No one is caring enough for me. After thinking about this fact , I feel it is my fate- no one can change it! God has decided that I will remain alone forever, I cannot question Him why, I just accept His Destiny for me! I am very strong, very self- confident, but when it comes to matters of the heart, I fail! Several times! Finally, trying to accept that which I cannot change! It hurts though!


  1. Just as a precious diamond that is further purified through the painful fires of life, lonliness, and loss, you shall emerge shining beyond all imagined brillance. You shall once again be a beacon to those in need. Ask the Lord to baptize you in the Holy Spirit to refill your continual emptying as you counsel and advise, and endure your pain silently like a reverent soldier. Your spirit is strong young Taz. I feel you all the way in the USA :)
    Peace, love, and joy be unto you and your children.

  2. Well said. Yes ur strong and I can relate. Gud luck with everything. I'm sure best is in store from here on for u. 👏