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Sunday, 18 November 2012


I am silent after years of worry,
Finally, I accept my life circumstances, the world around me,
If I could go back and change time,
I would ask for nothing, I have my beautiful mind,
To grow as a person, to share my sorrows and woes,
In the hope of providing faith to millions of unhappy souls,
Through me, may you never feel alone and helpless,
I am holding your hand, in this sea of Humanity,
I shine like a rainbow among Depravity.


  1. "I am holding your hand in this sea of humanity", Your words were so beautiful they moved my heart to tears. I know your story, the unhappiness that once shackled your blossoming! But when i read your poem my tears were happy ones, i send the embrace of my spirits heart for you are a perfect beauty with powerful words. A gem who will light the fires in many who lives suffer or who once endured some of the same hardships your words give minds and hearts a lasting and real reason to smile because of the hope they bring. As we are one God, i am happy to be able to embrace you spirit to spirit...thanks for the beautiful melody you shared is so very inspiring...keep moving forward...and abundance of blessings is coming your way! Have a very blessed evening Tazein Mirza, my dear sister!

  2. I like your great inspiring blog :)

  3. I admire your selfless spirit greatly but also worry about the anguish and physical abuse you may suffer. It is hard to judge from your posts how you actually are, but you are in my thoughts, and the thoughts of many others i am sure. God bless you

  4. Thank you dear counting ducks! Your support is awesome!God bless you!