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Sunday, 9 December 2012


Faith comes knocking at my door,
I let it in, breathe the light within,
Countless times I have contemplated suicide,
Yet God stopped me from taking my own life,
Whenever I break down, the dark tunnel seems to forever go on,
No light guides me, I keep fumbling around,
Still, I stop for a minute and reflect,
The reality is God loves me and protects!


  1. The courage you have and the faith you show are always a credit to you. I pray you find the safety and happiness you deserve. You are a beautiful tender spirit, and deserve to be cherished.

  2. My darlin, I once swallowd 9sleepin pills. It was suicide but God saved me. Afta dat, I was tortured by militants & in my agony I realised dat hell is real. If I kill myself, I'l b headin 2hell. So now, I'm determined 2live my life 2d fullest.

    I luv u. Thanks 4followin my blog.

    God luvs us.

  3. Very glad to know! kingoboko! God bless you!