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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Once upon a time, in a far off distant land,
I was young and alive, full of promise, life stretched by,
Sadly, dark clouds hovered on my Horizon,
Stayed for a long time, my inner light flickered, then went out completely,
Surrounded by darkness, I felt the way around, scared of dying, afraid of the unknown,
After what seemed like an eternity, I caught a glimpse of light,
Suddenly,it flooded my entire being, it was so bright!
Now, I realize God had closed a door,
I was trapped within, stumbling, not knowing where to go,
God opened a window, the radiance of the sun poured in,
 I was aglow!


  1. And you shine more and more each day as you blossom so exquisitely in the brightness of His love. Tazein, you share something so new and beautiful in spite of all that you have been through. You will touch many spirits and your family will grow. We who love you will keep it so. I am delighted to nominate you tonight for the 2012 Blog of the year award. It is posted on my blog and here is the link, Keep moving forward always i will be with you always one in spirit to lift you and help you at any time...God will always be there too your blessings are many and will fill your life greatly...God bless you my sister and your poem was awesome...another sweet gem!

  2. God never closes door then open window.
    even to the right mind it wont be the case.

    It should be

    Suddenly, it flooded my entire being, it was so bright
    God provided the way through an open door
    I stumbled, confused flickering light
    its warm overwhelmed me and I felt His Love.
    Bless you......

    Last part of your poem is conflicting....I hope you don't mind..

  3. Thank you dear Wendell and Aniana! God bless you!