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Friday, 15 February 2013


Nearly all of us judge others, including me.I am working very hard to get rid of this habit.We all judge others based on their appearance, religion, whether they are gay,lesbian or straight, people with money and power are revered and looked up to.Do you know what they are from inside? They are people like us, they too feel sadness and pain, I do become upset if someone judges me, but now, I am accepting the fact that just because someone does'nt like me, it is their business, not mine.Why spend hours  thinking about them in a negative way,do not give anyone power over you! I choose to love myself with flaws and all! After all, no one is perfect.Perfection is a mere illusion, it doesn't exist.Being jealous and envious of others damages you, not the other person! There will always be people who are better than us in some ways.Rejoice in the fact that you are unique and absolutely worth it. Of course serial killers, murderers, etc, are not included- Lol! I hope to hear from you, what are your thoughts on this matter! Take care, God bless you all!


  1. Every one is unique in his or her own ways! Really a very nice post Tazein. :)
    With Love,
    Aunt Mary at :-


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  3. Agree with you.
    We humans are not perfect. That's why we need God who is perfect and help us along the way.
    I am encouraged by your post on judging people.
    Most people doesn't notice that they are actually judging themselves when after all put aside, race, sexual condition, we are humans made by God's image.

  4. You are right, we all have something unique to share and bring something special to this world. Lovely post. We judge people based on our past experiences which adds personal bias. I try to eliminate that by getting to know people and so it helps me to not rely on my perception. In the final analysis, my conclusion about them would be based on facts and not assumptions. Asking questions also helps to clarify a lot of misconceptions. Enjoy your week Tazein :)

  5. I want to highlight here what jesus christ once said on one occasion--- Never judge other otherwise you will also be judged. No one in this world has the right to judge others. No one can be perfect enough to find fault with others. Its always better to make self-assessment instead of finding pitfalls in others' character. So never be a jdgemental in life.

  6. Never be a judgemental. No one in this world is perfect enought to find fault with others. Only God has the right to judge.