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Sunday, 28 April 2013


You shy away from the limelight,
All your life, you have put up a great fight,
Yet, I can see the flame burning within,
A beautiful halo, a person who cares and shares, who is not shallow,
You are fighting your inner demons,
Believe that God holds you in His Embrace,
With Him by your side, all your battles with dignity, you will face!


  1. beautiful words
    I bet your friend is great,

  2. @ tazein

    so you just liked this letter by a woman?

    ............. and hopefully I will find someone who stands by me soon, till then i’l enjoy the ‘me’ time and work out and shop more!

    Read: hopefully I will find someone who fights with his parents , bro & sis too & is selfish, ill-mannered, blindly believes in the false allegations heaped on his parents/bro/sis by me
    & so quarrels with folks, insults his parents in the presence (or absence) of his wife (me) much to my heart's content & a lot more.

  3. I think u r a very motivating friend..Inspirational lines..Tazein Mirza Saad Smiles:)) GOD<3U

  4. Hello dear, I am so much impressed of your sweet words about God. I myself pray to God regulary. I love spiritual connections and my prayers are answered. I meditate and some time I would love to pray for one hour. God is loving and kind. He will help you in every situation. Your heart seems to be very sincere, pure and generous. I honor your words from the depth of my heart and I will pray for your good health and longest life. I am so lucky to find your beautiful blog. Recently I work on my two pages:
    I will be adding more tips
    I salute you. Take care. May your awesome blogs remain forever.