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Saturday, 1 June 2013


So many people on all my sites have commented about my eyes, so I wrote the following poem.Are my eyes full of pain or hope? I do not know myself, but I have written my thoughts about them!

My eyes have something about them,
Difficult to explain, yet full of wisdom,
They have seen an eternity of darkness,
I have shed a million tears in detail and sharpness,
I have experienced the depths of despair.
My eyes, the window to my soul,
It is a strange fact, they make me whole.
Torrid rivers, freezing glaciers, the shattering of broken dreams and fears,
I stumble and fall, yet I pick myself up everytime,
This journey is still left incomplete, I look forward to shine,
See my eyes, they are still full of hope, a radiant light,
You know me, we are connected, in my heart, you always shine bright.

1 comment:

  1. The eyes maybe a window out of you but in you too so let the eyes be an expression of your inner being, peace and all:) Good wishes