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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


From that moment on, my life changed dramatically. I became a very compassionate and kind person.I started blessing random people whom I met in my every day life, my net friends.Till today, I pray for all Humanity, every day.I accept other people without judgement.I forgave my enemies and moved on.I developed patience while interacting with people and in my every day life.It is a strange fact that when I tried to seek wisdom, it eluded me, but when I had given up hope, wisdom came to me in torrents!
Now, I am continuously learning new positive things every day.Life teaches many lessons, provided we are willing to learn from them.I gain inspiration from seeing people in trouble, handicapped or old and sad world events.Even sign boards which I cone across while I am driving, inspire me!I understand their hidden meaning and learn from them!
So, in a nutshell this is my life which I have shared with you all. I find my story incredible and  feel amazed that it happened to me!God has redeemed me in so many ways!20 years of pain are replaced by 1 year of intense happiness , joy and contentment.
I pray to God to bless everyone, lessen your burdens,may you all see your personal rainbow coloring your sky Sadness and joy are the cycles of life, we all go through this process.Never give up on life, who knows your miracle might be around the corner
If I made it, despite so many set backs, can't you?
Thank you for taking the time to read my story.I hope you gained inspiration out of it.It will make me feel blessed to know that I inspired you through my words- Love and peace to all!


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  2. Blessings for your journey of discoveries of life anew:) June 2013 looks like a start