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Saturday, 23 March 2013


I am alone in this journey of life,
Walking the path seldom traveled, filled with strife,
I need a shoulder to cry on, I need love along the way,
Yet, I see no one there for me,
I am tired of dragging myself along,
Just want to give in, to whom do I belong?
Yet, I will never stop this ride,
Ultimately, it will turn out to be my paradise!


  1. Reminded of poem of nine written in Urdu, I will reproduce the initial part:
    Chaltay chaltay thuk gia hon
    Rah say shayad bhatak gia hon
    Phaila hay her soo dukh ka sahra
    Zaroon say iss kay dahak gia hon
    Toot na jayain mere paoon
    Door buhat hai sukh ka gaon

  2. God is Most Merciful. Pure hearts such as yours endure pain in this world because you can; the suffering you face will be compensated (God Willing) a million times over when you step into Paradise in the Hereafter. You just need to believe.

  3. Your Patience, enduring the sufferance & meeting challenges cheerfully & Gracefully helped & would help you always !God be with U always !