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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Karma is for real.I have experienced it in my own life.As you know, during my illness, I never got Saad's support.Only got verbally and physically abused for years.I felt helpless, the one person I wanted to love and accept me, deserted me in my time of need.Even praying never helped.I kept on praying to God to come for me, but at that time,He kept silent.I was a broken woman, had zero self-confidence, felt utterly useless.After getting confirmation from my doctor that indeed I had BPD,I felt no hope of recovery.Every day the symptoms kept on getting worse.Even trying to end my life did not help.The last time I overdosed, something came in my heart:I decided to live- went to the hospital asap, promised myself that I would never try it again. God wanted me to live, so I decided that is upto God to take my life-I won't do it, no use anyway, since I never died! From that day on, I have never tried to kill myself and never will! Life is a gift from God, who was I trying to take my own life?During that time, me and Saad came on the brink of divorce several times, yet he never went through it , reason: he had bought properties in Singapore and I was the joint owner, in case of Divorce, the court would have given me my share, Saad couldn't bear it- so our marriage survived! He sold off his properties asap, then invested  that money with a friend, for a business venture.Sadly, he lost all the money when his so called friend deceived him-Saad is penniless now! Why? God knew his true intention, like He did mine! I never had evil thoughts about him.After 5 years karma has come for him- and me.I started blogging, got so much support from all of you dear friends, I sometimes can't believe it! God knows my intention:To inspire you through my story, to help you gain courage-He has started blessing me with more than I can ever ask for! My intention is pure! Karma comes for everybody- sooner or later! Please reflect on this point!


  1. I am thankful that you are still with us. God will continue to show Himself to you because you search for Him. You will bless many on your journey, because your desire is to be a blessing. You have come to the place where God's will is what you will do even if it means sacrificing your own will for His. God has great things for you. Blessings to you!