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Wednesday, 9 January 2013


It is 4:a.m. here, somehow unable to sleep, a thought came in my mind which I want to share with you all. Most of us are wondering why do we exist on this planet, why do we feel life is a journey filled with so much negative events, why are'nt we happy, when will the time come when we will  truly shine?Will we ever be happy?Some people feel no one loves them, they feel unwanted, sad and depressed.THE FACT:God created you, yes, you, you are the only 1 person in the world , you have a face, an identity, God put you on Earth for a purpose, you will have to find your life's purpose, no one else can do it for you.Ask yourself:  "If I wasn't born, would it have made any difference in the world"  ANSWER:No! the world would have  kept on going, even if you were not born. THE TRUTH:You matter! You are born! God loves you, yes, He does! He knows your pain, your tears, your every smile, He is right beside you- open your eyes and promise me today that you will live your life to the best of your ability- no matter what obstacles come your way , you will fight them bravely, passionately, trust God He will definitely come for you- but at the time of His choosing. Meanwhile if you are undergoing hard times, remember, God is making such a person out of you that you would be proud in the near future! Suffering and pain is essential for personal growth-pain is the greatest teacher! It is a fact of life for all of us! It took God 10 years to come for me, so take heart that He will come for you sooner or later! God bless you all!

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