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Monday, 13 January 2014


All human beings have the capacity to attain Wisdom.Some people learn early in life, some later, and some unfortunate ones, never!
People who are wise have one thing in common: they have undergone huge emotional loss, pain, heart break, a life changing  traumatic event, a chronic illness.Through their pain, they have emerged stronger, compassionate and wise. Enduring suffering is an event no one wants to go through, but it is an essential price to pay in order to achieve wisdom.
The first step towards healing is to accept our past, our mistakes and love ourselves- faults and all.Then only, we can truly love others.
Our experiences shape us to either bear our sorrows with patience or to become bitter and resentful. Patience is a key element here.To accept other people as they are, without judgement is the greatest step in attaining Wisdom.
No matter how many self- help books we read, nothing will sink in, until we ourselves are ready to absorb the knowledge listed there.
I feel that people who are wise can make a difference in this world, by being kind, compassionate,by providing hope to others.This is the greatest blessing of all! Life is a continuous cycle of growth and change. Being wise does not mean that our troubles will vanish,it simply means that we are well equipped to handle them.
Please do not give up hope! Your sorrows will one day become your strength, though you might not see it now.The very things which hold you down, might lift you up tomorrow! Remember, the people with the worst pasts sometimes end up with creating the best futures!

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