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Monday, 13 January 2014


I thought we were meant to be together forever,
You said you would love  me for a million years,
Somewhere , along the way, you left me alone,
I was too shattered, there are no more words left to say,
Your eyes told your story, I saw myself in them,
Even , now, I am confused, what did I do wrong?
I want closure, I wish you had stayed away,
There is no sense in you leaving me, you say you still love me,
Yet, you have closed off your heart to something beautiful and enchanting.
I still have you in my heart, one day, you will become a fond memory,
Till that happens, I cry myself to sleep every night, you are everything I wanted for the first time,
Give me some hours to be at your side, to love you for a while,
Love has left a scar, no one can heal,
Only, I know, because my battered heart can feel.

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